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GoPro Brand Evolution

2016 was a huge year for GoPro, finally marking the arrival of their complete ecosystem of products. GoPro was fulfilling the promise it made to customers of providing a holistic and frictionless experience for capturing, sharing and enjoying the world's most captivating content.

Key Learnings:
Sales were leveling-off from their meteoric growth of the previous years. We extended our product launch cycle and introduced three cameras that ultimately caused confusion with customers. And, pivoting our strategy by positioning ourselves as a media brand created a disconnect with prospective new customers.

How might we attract and excite new customers, while continuing to engage our core audience? We needed to cast a wider, more inviting net that spoke to a completely new audience, without diluting and departing from the brand our community loved. And, it needed to answer why people doubted if GoPro was for them.

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Brian Owens
Creative Director Montara, CA