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Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones
R2 D2 - Rhino Model, modo render. Just a project for fun.
New Star Trek Phasers - Modeled in Rhino, rendered with modo
Noisy Cricket from Men in Black - Rhino model, modo render
Luke's Light Saber ROTJ - Rhino Model, modo render
Alliance pistol from Serenity - Rhino modeled prop replica, rendered with modo.
Frenzy's Discs of Death - Quick Rhino model, rendered with modo. Prop replica
Future Smith & Wesson - Just an example that I did for my ID class that I am teaching
The Allspark - modeled and rendered with modo - just for the fun of it.
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Movie Prop Replicas and Designs

I like recreating famous prop designs. These are renders of 3D models that I created from photographic reference

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Bruce Lee
Senior Designer, Imagineer, Visualist Orlando, FL