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Given a color pallet. Albeit an out of date one ...
... and given a set of color chips from a color matchers library (this is just one example of the set) ...
... could one, with a little (or a lot!) of math create an accurate color prediction that results in a decent image as well as a list of ingredients that a color house might use to create a product? Can one calculate ppm dye/pigment or grams to add when manufacturing a real product?
Why, yes. Yes one could. Within context math can be your friend.
(this is the Beer Lambert Law for those who wish to know) This final plate shows the product accurately color matched in an outdoor environment.
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Color Matching

Color matching with math and rendering using the eCig as an example.

Note: This is NOT an endorsement of eCig smoking. It's just an example from a recent project.

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Bryan Shackelford
Innovation Representative, Eastman Chemical Company Kingsport, TN