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We were limited to just one planar face with this project. This is a shot of the original glucometer in need of "redesign".
Given the need for only one plane to be addressed we naturally went straight to thumbnail sketches. Here are just a few. Not a lot of thought here. But its a start.
Then, of course, project creep set in and someone requested a "kids" version of a glucometer. So, ok. Lets thumbnail a few of those too. Again, not much thinking here. Just dorking around.
Eventually, after checking against existing forms one final form was agreed upon. It was rendered in Keyshot then dropped into the old brochure. If one wanted to make a working model it would not take much to fit the guts of a real glucometer into this form. The files were all generated in Solidworks to make a real prototype easier to generate in the future.
Then, too, the kids version evolved over time. It's slightly bent in order to stand up on a shelf or other storage space. The eyes serve nicely as buttons. A number of electronic bread boards fit into this form. Lots of folks asked if the test strip could be stuck up the frogs ... er ... bottom. But no. It goes in the head. Hah!
Here is the final Keyshot render dropped onto the interior of a brochure. This was simply photographed sitting up on my desk. Thus the reflection. See the stick coming out the head? Not the butt?
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The Generic Glucometer

The intent of this project was to create generic but new form factors for the home-use glucometer. The request for work needed to showcase a new electronic screen material for use in the medical market space but could not use the form factors of existing glucometers (for legal reasons, of course). Resulting designs were rendered out in Keyshot at high dpi for use in trade publications. The style required a level of realism that was pleasing but not real enough to be mistaken for actual product as the requesting company did not want to give the impression of selling actual glucometers.

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Bryan Shackelford
Innovation Representative, Eastman Chemical Company Kingsport, TN