First part of the Ideation Session on Miro, where I both came up with ideas for Apple's VisionOS and assessed its risks and limitations.
Second part of the Ideation Session on Miro, further elaborating on ideas to improve and complement Apple's VisionOS while also reflecting the company's/brand's values.
Left half of the Concept Sketch for Smart (here called trigger) Objects Prototype, featuring the user journey from the Home screen to the setup guide for Smart Objects in the user's environment.
Right half of the Concept Sketch for the Smart Objects Prototype, showcasing how the Calendar app might be triggered simply by touching a physical calendar while wearing the Apple VisionPro.
*Bezel is now Bezi. - Context of the image: I decided to start over rather than try to improve on my old prototype since it would have been easier, seen how far off I was with imagining an Apple AR experience without a reference.
Due to working on Windows, I had to add the SF Pro Font Family to make custom panels in Figma (and use some of the templates provided by Apple) manually, to later import them in Bezel.
Side by side testing: making a selection box from planes vs. the basic box in Bezi. The inside corners are only visible when the basic box is selected
Side by side testing: the advantage of making a selection box from planes (left) rather than using the basic box in Bezi (right).
This first prototype showcases part of what Apple's VisionOS might look like. My intention (through both Bezi prototypes) was to find a way for the user to connect their real life environment to the Augmented Reality experience in an intuitive and useful way. Additionally, I wanted to make sure that it would be clear to the user which panels belong to their respective apps. To play the prototype, copy-paste the following URL in a browser:
The original idea behind the second prototype was to have a 3D carousel containing video previews, which would zoom in and pop out towards the user when selected. Unfortunately, despite trying for many hours, I wasn't able to achieve the carousel motion, as Bezi is still in development and does not have the same "Smart Animate" function as Figma. This is a follow-up to the first Bezi Prototype and the icon's motion was made to resemble how apps behave inside of Apple Operating Systems. To play the prototype, copy-paste the following URL in a browser (PRESS RESET IF IT'S GLITCHED):
VisionOS Design Case Study
Chiara (Bianca) Ike
XR, UX & Game Designer Dundee, United Kingdom