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The cover for The Hartford Advocate (as well as the New Haven Advocate and Fairfield Weekly)
Festival of Lights - This is an example of my graphic design work. An event poster done in Adobe Illustrator.
As the crow flies - Another example of my graphic design work. This also being done in Adobe Illustrator, is a mock magazine layout and article on the saying "as the crow flies".
3d Rendered Hallway - This 3d rendering was done with 3ds Max and all the textures were made myself with my own photos and fixed in photoshop.
modeling/texturing - a still from my demo reel in which i modeled, textured and animated the dvds falling to the floor
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Layout and 3D

Layout and 3d design from demo reel and portfolio

Corina Drouin
Viz Developer - Designer I - ESPN Glastonbury, CT