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Branding-Snowboarding hats - A line of fleece snowboarding hats insulated with Technogel to provide both warmth and shock absorbtion in the event of a fall. Numerous styles all designed to represent the "Frost" brand in similar shades of blue.
Go Fish Golf! - A backyard putt-putt course with an "Under the Sea" theme. The putting green consists of injection molded elastomer in uniform puzzle piece shapes, allowing the child to piece together a different green every time they play.
Nuncio - A communication device for a child with Autism or hearing difficulties. The child wears a harness featuring a communication device with controls featuring simple pictures representing common needs: Thirst, hunger, toilet, and illness. When a child one of the controls, a signal is sent to a pager that the parent wears, and the corresponding picture apears on the screen. This device eases communication between the parent and child.
Portfolio 2006-2007
Sketch Ideation - Sketch ideation for my Nuncio Child Commucator.
Portfolio 2006-2007 - A sturdy, lightweight treehouse kit made of weather-proof Reynobond. The house is easily assembled, and can be removed and stored at the end of the season or moved to a different location. The lightweight, flat panels make storage and lifting easy and quick.
Zi-Gote MP3 Player - An MP3 player designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The smooth curves add to the sleek finish, which comes in a variety of color schemes.
An electronic science toy that interacts with the child, quizzing and encouraging them as they learn.
A floor buffer redesigned to fit the needs of the average user, focusing on ease of control, semantics, and storage.
An outdoor storage receptacle for your trash and recyclables that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing; doubles as both a planter and bench.