Color Collage II - Colored pencil on paper
Japanese Decorative Letterhead - Pen and Ink on Paper
9 Views of Toy Blocks - Colored pencil on paper
Statue - Charcoal on paper
Cafe in Provence - Pencil on paper
Colored Bodies - pastel on watercolor paper
Jardin a Paris - Pencil on Paper
Marylin - Colored pencil on paper
Shopping in Paris - Pencil on paper
9 Views of a Toy Dog - Colored pencil on paper (2004). An excersize in drawing from different angles.
Charcoal on paper (2006)
Apple - colored pencil on paper
View from the Courtyard - Charcoal on paper
Eiffel Colors - Chalk on paper
Drawings & Sketches
Camille Lacey
Graphic Designer Denver, CO