BRP Can-Am Spyder electric Sidepod concept vehicle - sidecar segment.

Concept proposal of a new range of BRP Can-Am Spyder vehicles: the sidecar segment: The electric Sidepod. By Martin Aubé - Copyright 2020.
As I analyzed the architecture of BRP's three-wheeled vehicles, the Can-Am Spyders, I figured they would adapt very well to an electric sidecar setup. The ultimate in comfort for passenger and driver. Indeed, the track of the two front wheels could be widened by a few centimeters, creating side space for the passenger as well as an additional central front space that could accommodate additional batteries and cargo baggage room for the passenger. The advantage of this configuration is that it offers both pilots and passengers a comfortable space and an incomparable view of the road and the landscape.

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Martin Aubé
Owner, L'Unité Créative inc./The Creative Unit inc Montreal, PQ