The Bombardier years - During my 18 years at Bombardier, I had the privilege to work as a product designer, member of a team, on several projects. Designs in production: 1990 Safari sled, 1991 Formula , 1995 S-2000 sled, modular helmet, 1997 CK3 sled, 199 ZX sled, 1998 Islandia jet boat, Challenger 2000, 2002 Rallye, 2003 Outlander, Speedster 200, and Can-Am Spyder roadster prototype. Advance design Embrio mono-wheel bike. 2 years on CRJ 200 interior design furnishing group
Most of the sketches were done on vellum, some on a Bainbrige illustration board.
Hommage a Sam Lapointe (In memory of Sam Lapointe) - Drawing in memory of my mentor Sam Y. Anselme Lapointe. Sam liked good aerodynamics and sleek design.
1994 concept illustration (adjustable windshield sled) - Low profile performance sled for Ski-Doo
The Bombardier years - Rallye ATV evolution
The Bombardier years - Rallye ATV sketch on vellum circa 1999
1995 - Concept illustration, 1995 4 strokes implementation
Bio Sea-Doo - Gouache rendering circa 1991 At that time, my vision of a Sea-Doo was a Bio machine. Note the adjustable steering mechanism for stand-up riding.
F1 twin track concept sketch 1995 - Inspired by F1 cars, pod push pod architecture
TNT revival - Before leaving to work on Can-Am Spyder Roadster I drew these sleds (TNT revival: for track and trail)
1993 forward driving position sled - This drawing was done from the comments of a mechanics that was asking to position the driver forward. This might have influence partially the REV platform architecture.
SIR, for Sit in roadster. Sketches proposal for a side by side that was later put in production as the Summum sled. My version was not accepted because it was too low and a bit too long for crossing bumps. 1997
V8 snowmobile... 1995 - This is kind of a joke relative to power in a sled and nostalgia for the machine age...
1996 sled concept sketch - A sled with side padding for extreme cornering (ergo feature)
Enclosed snowmobile - Circa 1998
April 27, 1997, Concet illustration
The Bombardier years - CK3 platform R&D team Designers Jerome Foy, Germain Cadotte, Martin Aube, Francois Couillard, Denys Lapointe (absent) Model maker Fernand Dandonneau and engineering team
The Bombardier years - 1999 ZX platform bainbridge sketches and details
The Bombardier years - 1999 ZX platform concept illustration
The Bombardier years - Embrio layout 2002
Embrio concept sketch
Embrio concept sketch
Embrio concept sketch
Embrio concept sketch
Embrio concept sketch
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