2004-2005 - The first design, Santa on the drawing board.
Making of 2004 - 2004-2005 sketch
2005-2006 - This is a cross section of our bunker studio. It is marketing and engineering proof, with Mil-spec concrete walls and floors. In the second secured basement, you can see the very first 990cc's prototypes of the motorized Santa sled (P0) in test procedure with qualified Santa test pilots (wearing DOT helmets under their special tuques for undercover day time trail test)
2006-2007 - The second version of our Santa motorized sled, the now famous PN 702 RR1000 (PN stands for "Pere-Noel" :Santa in french) Introduced in october 2006. The 1000cc engine gives Santa a nice ride. The front cowling was tested in the NRC wind tunnel in november 2006.
2007-2008 - This is a special and almost impossible mission scenario, were the "Pere Noel 2000 inc." (Santa Claus 2000 inc.) corporation did request major design changes for their 2008 model (PN 7003 RR1000 2008). A canopy was added as well as a rear RAM intake to improve clutch ventilation. The last design details were drawn in our mobile Prevost car studio, just before the final presentation. I had to use our special studded motorcycle (we ran out of fuel) and walk the last 50 KM to reach the office.
2008-2009 - For 2009 the engine was boosted to 1200cc, just before the financial crisis. We were told that some of the users (mostly 90% tile type Santa Claus) were using our first 2004 990cc engine to save on fuel. The complete body work was changed for a trendy hard edge design. A modular rear trunk box from Kimpex was fixed on a custom steel rack and a twin track system from Camoplast is now offering a comfortable 12" travel.
2009-2010 - The 2009-2010 sequel. UCI design of a convertible 50 Santas regional jet aircraft is tested with succes. Next year should reserve a nice Santa Claus paratrooper operation.
2010-2011 - The good old years of The Creative Unit, back when Design and life was not an easy thing to persue...well is it really? And the actual NASA type office...somewhere between "the Real, the Possible and the Imaginary. Happy hollidays!
2011-2012 - This year's theme is the SORA electric motorcycle design we did for Lito Green Motion. Captation: Santa 21: Well ciao guys!!! Let's meet at the next cheminy, I will try to leave you some cookies, I swear it! Deer talking to his girl friend: Pfff, If I had my class 6A license (motorcycle license in Quebec) I would buy us one of these, my dear Bertha...Santa 51: Hohoho...hahaha... what a joker this Maurice... Santa 4: Hey Maurice! %#!!** That is not fair!!!
Merry Christas & Happy New Year 2014
2014-2015 Mission to Mars! we were there first!
What a team!
Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année 2017! Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2017! Cette année, pour le sketch de Noël, je rends hommage à Marcel Gottlieb (dit Gotlib), 1934-2016, bédéiste français humoristique qui nous a quittés le 4 décembre dernier. This year, the Christmas sketch is in honor of French cartoonist Marcel Gottlieb (AKA Gotlib). 1934-2016, He passes away last 4th of December. RIP.
Catch the rabbit for Christmas !
The secret art of proportions and tracing...
Joyeux Noël, bonne année 2019 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019. Le père Noël, aux commandes d'un char d'assaut Leopard 2 MBT Revolution, est en guerre contre la laideur industrielle, menant L'Unité Créative vers une victoire décisive!Santa as a Leopard 2 MBT Revolution tank commander, is at war against industrial ugliness, leading The Creative Unit to victory!
Christmas 2019
Christmas 2019 - B reel - Bonus features, The all mighty winter time temple car garage evolution, from the Greeks to the modern era.
Christmas 2020 - in full Covid mode protection
Christmas 2021 - New Year 2022 - All in one emergency services: ambulance, police, mobile cell, SWAT team, firemen, towing and donut dispenser...
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023! Here is our traditional handmade Christmas comedy sketch. This year, we are following the trend of autonomous vehicles with the VNSP (Véhicule de neige Sans Pilote) - Unmanned Snow Vehicle (USV).
Design for Christmas

A bunch of cartoons we did for Christmas

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