LITO POLICE electric motorcycle

LITO POLICE electric motorcycle

Industrial design by The Creative Unit inc. for LITO Green Motion.

The SORA electric police motorcycle project was realized in five months with a team of six designers and a limited budget. We used a vehicle development process to design a police motorcycle equivalent to or superior than the BMW R1100 RT (in some aspects related to police usage and electric technology). The base of the vehicle is the SORA electric motorcycle from LITO Green Motion. The mandate included a number of challenges such as transforming a sport-oriented motorcycle with no front fascia or windshield, optimized for performance, into a comfortable, aerodynamic and highly functional motorcycle for a police application with a minimum of structural and functional change. We had to keep the DNA of LITO Green Motion. We worked with our local police service to meet their specific needs through presentations of visual themes, sketches, renderings and an ergonomic test bench.

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Martin Aubé
Owner, L'Unité Créative inc./The Creative Unit inc Montreal, PQ