The riddle of the front end fascia of the Hyundai Venue

I was walking in my neighbourhood and saw the Hyundai Venue for the first time a few months ago. If you're an industrial designer, a car body enthusiast, or just have a keen eye for observation, you've no doubt noticed that there is something odd about the front of the Venue, more specifically between the headlights and the air inlet of the radiator: an irregular polygonal shape, a "no man’s land" which seems to want to defend its vital zone, more than to agree with its neighbors "headlights" and "air inlet". In short, back to the studio after several observatories walks, I decided to sift the Venue through the style analysis system and to propose, very humbly, two “corrective” concepts. A key to this enigma rests on the basic rule of design, all the shapes that come together must match, like the circular waves that emanate from a pebble in water. Maybe Hyundai created this "formal conundrum" consciously to stir up the styling world and perceptions and captured my attention

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Martin Aubé
Owner, L'Unité Créative inc./The Creative Unit inc Montreal, PQ