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Initial rough of proposed idea, with very loose line and lighting.
The drawing tightens up a bit, giving a better sense of what exactly is going on here, as well as the subjects and other objects relation to space.
Heavily tightened line work done with the brush tool. Anatomy and objects are fully fleshed out and ready for color.
Color is added, completing the piece.
Early sketch.
A little cleaner...
finished (or nearly finished) line work.
Early character studies done for an original toy concept design. Digital.
Rough color ideas provided to a client for an original toy design. Digital.
Toy concept art done for a Littlest Pet Shop Happy Meal toy. The rough sketch to the far left was provided by a creative director, while it was my job to clean up the idea and get it closer to the art of the show. Digital. (I do not own Littlest pet Shop or Happy Meal)
Initial rough art for a line of plush Pokemon Happy Meal toys. Digital. (I do not own Littlest Pet Shop or Happy Meal)
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Odds and Ends: Sketches and Process Pics

A little showcase of a few pieces from start to finish, as well as some initial rough sketches for other projects.