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Business Card Design - My Business card design which features my final third year project Morgan SSR and Pure Htwo0.
Audi QR - I Designed this for a third year brief we were given. The brief was to design a vehicle capable of entering one of the three classes of vehicles in the Dakar rally. We had to use an existing vehicle that was to be modified for purpose of use in the rally. The Audi Q5 was used as the base for the finished vehicle above.
McLaren F2 - Our brief was to redesign an iconic vehicle from the past. I chose to modernise the now dated looking Mclaren F1. I wanted to keep the general shape of the F1 but modernise aspects of it such as the vents along the sides and the nose and rear end areas.
Pure Htwo0
Lamborghini Mareggiata
Ford KA Concept
Volkswagen EMV - This was a concept I designed for use as a military vehicle. EMV stands for economical military vehicle which is based around the fact that it is driven by two electric motors. One for the front two wheels and one for the back two. This creates a very capable off road vehicle that can be used on a variety of terrains.
Morgan SSR - Final year major project. Modern take on the Morgan supersport of the early 1930's. With the design I wanted to stray away from the usual 'face' of modern day Morgan models. The Volkswagen GX3 provided a great inside look into how a three wheeled sportscar can be percieved in the modern day world of car design and safety.
Pure Htwo0 Alias work - A screenshot of my Alias model made for a third year brief we were given.
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Christopher Western
Sheffield, United Kingdom