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Tropical Waterworld - New Concept of Tropical Waterworld for children's fantasy, combine with the theme 'waterworld' as the flooring.

Children love the beach, and they can spent many hours in the water. Many of them have dreamt of being in a ship. Realizing this, i have design the creative alternative way of design to fullfill every childs dream, yet convenient close to home.
Submarine Concept
Waterworld Concept
Playland Paradise Concept
Bullock Cart Concept
Happy Jet Concept
Helicopter Concept
Tropical Bamboo Garden Concept
Octopus Concept
Tropical Bamboo Garden - With the theme of Tropical Bamboo Garden. A green environmental playground for children.

The design is simply a package of natural beauty & exicitement Brought right up to a child's door step.
Spring Sheep Design - An Spring Sheep design with bright colours which attract children to sit on it.
Spring Elephant Design - A cute spring elephant design for children to ride on, emphasise of safety aspect and play-movement.
Children Playground Design
Cyndi Tan
Product Designer Shah Alam, Malaysia