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Hair Dryer Sketches.1 - This is a sketch with the description of the design, done freehand manually. Sketched using colour marker, pastel, etc.
Hair Dryer Sketches.2
Hair Dryer Sketches.3
Hair Dryer Sketches.4
Hair Dryer Sketches.5
Story Board Sketches
Marker Organiser Sketches.1 - One of the sketches in designing a marker organiser.. With some explanation of the design. Hand sketch with using colour markers, colour pastels, etc.
Marker Organiser Sketches.2
Marker Organiser Sketches.3
Marker Organiser Sketches.4
Marker Organiser Sketches.5
Marker Organiser Sketches.6
Marker Organiser Sketches.7
Wall Lighting Sketches.1
Wall Lighting Sketches.2
Wall Lighting Sketches.3
Wall Lighting Sketches.4
Wall Lighting Sketches.5
Idea Development Sketches
Cyndi Tan
Product Designer Shah Alam, Malaysia