Sheldon Church Scene. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Sheldon Church in detail. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
St. Thomas dock. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
St. Thomas dock, saturated. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Caribbean Storm Cloud. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Leaving Ft. Lauderdale. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Lit Staircase. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Caribbean Ocean Below: Day. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Caribbean Ocean Below: Night. 2010. Camera: Aiptek IS-DV2.4
Main Street Bridge at Night. 2011. Camera: GE X5
A Grave Memorial at Bonaventure Cemetary, Savannah, GA. 2012. Camera: GE X5
Jacksonville Beach. 2012. Camera: GE X5
Jacksonville Landing at an Angle. 2011. Camera: GE X5.
Jacksonville Landing at an Angle. 2013. Camera: GE X5. This is the 'after' image from the previous. I altered my photograph using Photoshop CS6.
"Sharp", digital photography, 2017. Shot this saw palmetto last week while I was out for a walk. I altered the coloring using an editing program. I love these plants. God is the Original Artist.
"Angled Palmetto", digital photography, 2017. Also shot this photo last week while taking a nice walk. There is a conference center in my town and there are a lot of palmettos, saw palmettos, flowering bushes and other plants on the grounds. I played around with some editing to alter the coloring. Fun with nature and editing tools!
"Upwards", digital photography, 2017. This is a community center in my area. It's a beautiful, palatial piece of architecture with many components. Great for taking angled shots.
"Minimal Fusion I". Digital photography 2018. Even a metal shelf overhanging a floorspace makes for an interesting perspective.
"Minimal Fusion II". 2018
"Minimal Fusion III". 2018
Ritz-Carlton, Orlando, Grande Lakes: Atrium. 2019. Mobile camera.
Ritz-Carlton, Orlando, Grande Lakes: Atrium ceiling. 2019. Mobile camera.
May 2020. Mobile photography. Vibrant dahlias.
July 2020. Mobile photography. Echeveria pulidonis.
Feb. 2022. Mobile photography. Lovely pink Italianate house.
Feb. 2022. Mobile photography. Black & White Charleston Battery.
March 2022. Mobile photography. Galliard Center in brooding tones.
March 2022. Mobile photography. Bricks & Iron on Queen St.
Digital Photography

This portfolio features my digital photography pieces. I like to capture objects and scenes from curious angles.
Descriptions of cameras used are with each image.

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Calonie Johnson
Visual artist Charleston, SC