Player Character Spritesheet
This is the original layout map of the first area. It remained essentially the same, but originally the player was going to have to find some way to clear the puddle. Due to timing, that was scrapped.
The original layout map of the second area. A maze of wet puddles you had to maneuver yourself around. This also remained the same, except for the light blue puddle which would've been moppable like the one in the first room and the candy piece for a scrapped fetch quest.
The original layout map for the third area. The initial idea was to be able to push the carts open up the path, ending with the NPC blocking the way getting hit by a cart. This idea got slightly altered and split into the final versions of areas 3 and 4.
The original layout map for the fourth area. Initially you would have had to retrieve the candy in area 2 to give to them, but this was boring so it eventually got replaced with slippery floor maze.
The original layout map for the final area. This remained basically the same with the game concluding once the player reached the milk.
A playthrough of the final project. The first area is filled with NPCs with fun dialogue made to make the store feel more "alive." The second area was a wet floor maze like in the layout map. The third area became a riddle room, where the player had to guess riddles and choose the path with the correct answer. The fourth area was filled with moving shopping carts, which when hit would send the player back to the beginning of the area as demonstrated in the video. These were an obstacle the players had to avoid. The fifth area had all the floors be slippery as the player would have to maneuver their way through the gaps. Lastly, the final area had the milk, the end goal of the game.
2D Game Project

During my sophomore year of college for my 2D game design class, we each had to make a short 2D game. For me, I created a top down game called "Milk Quest" about journeying through the grocery store all in order to get some milk in the back. It was a fun concept and I enjoyed working on it during the entirety of the semester.

Cameron Snyder
Game Designer Phoenixville, PA