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ICONO Furniture - After analizing the different furniture typologies, including office furniture for adults, two-people workstations were questioned. Based on this study and others including anthropometry and biomechanics, the final proposal is a chair-and-table set.

The table is made from five plastic inyected pieces that are assembleable, which facilitates the production process. The designs took into consideration cable control, storage spaces for school utensils, and a simetric bilateral configuration to favor both right and left handed people.

Chair and table have rounded sides, pronounced curves and are structure through ribbings in the back of the surfaces and in the legs. Proposed material is high density polypropilene.
DRIP 2 - Upper compartment
ICONO - Model
"Drip" Coffee Maker
"icono" furniture
"Drip" Coffee Maker
Carolina Ayerbe
Process Oriented Designer Bogota, Colombia