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New Urban Icon - vehicle charging point (prototype) - Liander (a Dutch energyprovider) initiated a national designcompetition asking for innovative, iconic designs making their charging points unique and recognizable.
Pilots Product Design entered the competition with the New Urban Icon-concept. Urban icons are not generally seen as beautiful or ugly, they are seen as icons because they got their characteristics through context and therefore work well in their environment.

Our proposal was selected as one of the 4 finalists!
Holistic approach - We were looking for a holistic approach and we came up with a concept that integrates three levels;
- Urban recognition, through green streetnames and graphics on the EV parking lots
- An easy to use interface, without any unnecessary lcd-displays, and working with products we already know.
- A 'plug&play' product build out of sustainable materials, emphasizing the overall 'green' experience.
Scalemodel - We entered the competition with a 1:18 scalemodel representing the concept in street context.
It contained three different backdrops (city, village and office environment) scale models representing our design and matching street graphics.
User interface - The interface is easy to use, plug&play and without any unnecessary lcd-displays. The LED-light ring around the plug entry-point gives logical feedback on the status of charging and availability.
New Urban Icon - prototype - With the actual design language we aimed at making it as clean and solid looking as possible with hints of other infrastructural products (like hydrants or gas pumps). The two plug-in points are deliberately placed slightly upwards to give the product a bit of a smile (in front view).
The final design is a strong looking but detailed product that would fit in any environment (city, village or office park) and can withhold the test of time.
New Urban Icon
Caroline Noordijk
Designer Look&Feel, Brand Identity specialist Auckland, New Zealand