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The inside of the bi-fold depicts a barn door opening to a forest of trees and uses subtle natural colors to create visual appeal. A blur tool was used at the bottom of the picture to create a soft transition into the forest to give the piece additional interest and dimension.
The color scheme and multi-layer textures used to create the background of this two-sided flyer delivers an eye-catching front page announcement for a showing at a convention center.
The back page message and design for this flyer hits the mark on how to make a memorable fashion statement using various American Barn Door product options.
To announce a showroom opening this folded display card was created featuring a whimsical variation of the color scheme and design that coordinates with the entire packet. The colors on the outside of the card are placed on a vertical using a clipping mask and help to promote further interest.
The Inside of this display card is simplistic yet "inspiring".
The subtle backdrop of the front of this business card allows the viewer to focus on the type, photos, company name and logo, and the clean-lined straight edge font and blue trim add a pop of color and contrast bringing a well-defined flair to this palate.
The back of this business card confirms the important contact information in a colorful, attractive way.
All American Barn Door Project
Freelance, Full-time
Catherine Anne Galvin
Seeking a Junior Graphic Design Position in NJ Dumont, NJ