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Team Honda Banner Designs - Banner design for Team Honda of Baton Rouge. This design was built in photoshop with two vectors built in illustrator called red tag and button(click here for more details).
Nissan Banner Designs - Design was built in Photoshop. I took their original image from their webpage and extended the edges out. Then I added in a button and the text to finish out the design. This was added to the Nissan webpage.
Nissan Banner Design - Banner designed for the Nissan website page for Baton Rouge. This was designed in Photoshop with filter effects on the background. The button was also added with the text and image of the car added to finish it off.
Banner Designs - These banners were on the Team Gleason website page. My job was to go in and change the text titles for each one. These were uploaded to the Team Gleason website for the Super Bowl on February 5, 2012.
Team Honda Banner Designs - This design was built for Team Honda's website. All design elements were built in Photoshop.
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Banner Designs
Chantel Rome
Project Manager/2D Graphic Designer Baton Rouge, LA