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I wanted to create a durable BPA-free water bottle similar to the popular SIGG bottle that dog owners could use to hydrate their pets while hiking or just out for a warm walk. I also wanted the bottle to stand up on its own so you could set it down and it would remain upright so the dog could return to it frequently to drink. there are molded-in feet on the trough and the bottle can be rotated 180 degrees from storage position so it can lay down for stability. there valve is only open when you press the button so you can release only as much water as you need. In subsequent versions, I modified the valve so you could actually return water to the bottle. this might seem unappetizing, but sometimes hydration is important enough that you need to conserve what you have even if it means returning water to the bottle.
In the completely open position.
Here is a version with a silicone trough.
Here you can see the 2 ports for water flow. when dispensing, the water comes out the center orifice. When refilling the bottle with unused water, simply tilt the whole assembly back so the water runs into the orifice underneath the valve assembly while you push the valve button. Also note that the whole assembly is close to watertight when completely open so there are no leaks as the water runs back into the bottle.
You can see the vent hose that allows the water to flow smoothly.
A side view
I like to create orthographic views. They're more honest than lots of great hero shots.
Another side view
A different and better wire bail
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Field Drinking System for dogs

The goal was to create a durable, non--plastic water bottle convenient for dog owners to carry and maintain which provides easy, clean water for the dog. The spout enables the "un-drunk" water to be returned to the bottle instead of wasted.

Charles Floyd
Product Development Consultant Oakland, CA