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The first version of the project.
Slide hammer in the striking position. You grip the slide, pushing the lever in, and slide the hammer down to the stop to push the tip between studs.
This is the final version. I made some improvements such as changing the release lever to a twist mechanism to avoid inadvertent release. I changed the neck to a goose neck to more closely mimic a hammer in operation and functionality.
A detail view of the twist mechanism. It works perfectly I think.
A detail view of the lever mechanism.
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HammerBar -Demolition Pry Bar

The goal was to find innovation in the traditional pry bar category separate from what's been done lately by Stanley Tools with the FuBar. Also a project for Canadian Tire, this tool is supposed to be slightly more expensive than a traditional crow bar but add the new functionality of allowing the end user to back nails out of studs and beams without having to change tools. The sliding hammer assm allows the user to drive the tip between studs to separate them, again, without having to pick up another tool to drive the bar. when not in use as a sliding hammer, it functions as a handle. The hammer uses a mechanism to lock in place that is actuated by twisting the handle.

Charles Floyd
Product Development Consultant Oakland, CA