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This started out as a faucet for the handicapped and ended up as a slip-on ring for indicating water temperature at the spout. it utilized thermochromic ink technology. I won an IDEA award for this. My prototypes still work after 8 years.
This is a Stainless Steel and Brass side table. Almost all of the proportions are based on the ratio1:1.618. It totally worked I think but there still some missing element. It needs some "warmth" somehow.
This is a stainless steel and brass choker.
I made this exercise wheel for our cats. This cat is the only one that uses it, but he still does after 6 years. Occasionally he will run as fast as he can for about 30 seconds. It's pretty fun to watch.
My redesign of the Theremin.
This is a sun clock that is accurate anywhere in the world. You only need to know the longitude and latitude of your location to calibrate it.
This is a flashlight inspired by Science Fiction.
This was an Alias Studio Tools project. We had to design and build a working folding chair. This chair folds flat and becomes about 2 inches thick.
Solar Powered Liquid Crystal Shutter glasses.
Working prototype of the LC shutter glasses.
The assignment was to redesign the band aid. I tried to facilitate application and reduce waste.
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Personal Projects

Some of these were completed for school and some are just personal projects...

Charles Floyd
Product Development Consultant Oakland, CA