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The first version of this project called for 7 handles as well as 7 different sizes. We decided we could save space in the toolbox (and cost) by making one handle with 7 shanks.
Here's the internal presentation board for the project showing just one handle.
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The factory we were using did not have a mechanism and so I built this one to show them what we wanted.
A view of the mechanism assembled.
A "jinged" image from the conversation with the factory showing the components.
I made a shank holder that would have packaged nicely for retail.
Unfortunately, I only have this beat-up mock up of the final proto in packaging.
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Ratcheting Nut Driver

This was a concept intended to provide Canadian Tire an alternative to the existing nut driver product offerings they carried. I was the lead designer. The tool allows you to flip the handle and use it like a ratchet. It's slightly different than current styles. You can apply more torque with the ratchet offset. It also allowed us to sidestep some existing IP.

Charles Floyd
Product Development Consultant Oakland, CA