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This project encompassed several configurations. Since there are several common types of harnesses, we wanted to provide a solution for each. this version works with the "Step-In" style of harness that is relatively newer then the "H-Style". Ultimately, we tried to make this version work with all types of harnesses.
An early version of the retractor that was panned as being too bulky.
This is a version in which the retractor and the harness are one assembly. There is also a pad on the chest to protect the dogs chest, skin and fur from abrasion.
The main retractor pad with a hidden retraction mechanism.
Various views
Trying out the prototype on an "H" style harness. We also wanted to figure out how to keep the loop handle from flying around and potentially getting caught on something while the dog is playing, so I tried simply wrapping the loop around the retractor mechanism.
This pad shows a grommet for connecting an auto restraint system.
Step-in style with loop handle.
Universal style retractor mechanism on an "H" style harness.
Prototype testing on one of my dogs.
Basic size checking
The universal fit style.
Here you can see how the internal mechanism worked.
Summary of the project showing variations and handle options.
The dogs seemed pretty unencumbered by the harnesses.
The 2 straps between the legs were important to keep the retractor from sliding to one side or the other without having to overly tighten the harness.
The basic layers of the first pad. subsequent versions simply went with a thicker Cordura to discard the stiffener.
A communication with the factory showing changes that needed to be made to a harness.
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Retracting Harness Leash

I was lead designer on this project. The goal was to create a leash that the user would not have to carry when not in use. The leash would retract and remain on the dog. I know, it seems like you're making the dog do the work, but on the other hand, it provides an opportunity to let the dog run free more often and the user can let the dog walk beside them until needed and then quickly grab the leash and the dog is "On Leash" in an instant.

Charles Floyd
Product Development Consultant Oakland, CA