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Web Design concept for Forage homepage. The focus of this design was on simplicity and whimsy. The goal was to match the brand identity of Forage thrift, which is an online thrift store passionate about bringing the best thrift clothes to the biggest market. There is a also a social impact element as a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity and invested back in to local LA thrift stores.
A homepage concept highlighting Forage's unique brand identity that combines old roots with a modern approach.
A homepage design concept that highlights the diverse and colorful culture of thrifting.
A more high end homepage concept designed around changing panels.
Forage Thrift Webdesign

Forage is an online thrift outlet dedicated to bringing the greatest clothing gems to the largest possible market. I assisted the CEO and founder, Alex Zhang, with the initial homepage design for the website.

Freelance, Full-time
Charlie Benson
Film and Television Production BFA at The University of Southern... Los Angeles, CA