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Concept Design for the cramped warehouse.
The final warehouse in the production.
Concept design for the teleportation device. Carries the aesthetic of steam punk as well as more realistic DIY engineering.
The machine in the production had considerably less wires and angles, but demonstrates the same aesthetic sensibilities.
The otherworldly location in the shoot was originally intended to be a desert location. Due to the small budget, the location was changed to a sound stage. The objects were also changed to be less obscure and more relevant to the story.
The otherworldly location was shot on a soundstage with tiled flooring. Objects from the warehouse are strewn about.
Porter Robinson Music Video

These are some concept designs I did for a music video production of Porter Robinson's Sea of Voices. The idea was that a man is building a teleportation device in a small warehouse. As he starts to complete the machine, objects from around the room are transported to this otherworldly location. Eventually he teleports over and finds a mysterious woman in a futuristic LED light dress.

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Freelance, Full-time
Charlie Benson
Film and Television Production BFA at The University of Southern... Los Angeles, CA