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Logo design done for SphereTEC.
This infographic demonstrates the story behind our concept and our product, which is a disposable wristband that facilitates networking at conferences and industry gatherings.
This is the cartoon version of our prototype website UI that makes an appearance in our concept video. It illustrates a list view of available contacts with connectivity options laid out in a concise and intuitive arrangement.
This is a cartoon rendering of a page on the website UI that contains information about a specific contact. All of the relevant information and utilities are laid out in order to be easily accessible and visually pleasing.
This asset is an early concept for the iphone App UI. It contains a timeline list view of all of the contacts a user has met at a given networking event. It contains a feature that lets the user swipe right to view a map layout of where they met each of their contacts throughout the day. It also has touch icons leading to features such as an alphabetical list view, a search bar (with filters for specific features of contacts), a favorites list, and a profile view for each individual contact.
This is a concept video for the wearable technology product that we have been working on in the USC Annenberg Incubator. The video can be viewed at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3lj0zWEVzE
Another still from the Concept Animation.
Another still from the concept animation.
This is an early concept rendering of the 3D model I created for our wristband prototype.
An advertisement for an electrical engineer. Demonstrates our brand aesthetic.
This asset exemplifies the visual and cultural identity we were trying to convey through our brand.
An early logo design.

SphereTEC is a USC startup company with the goal of making networking at corporate events as effortless and rewarding as possible. SphereTEC intends to design a wristband that transfers contact information between parties when they shake hands. For this project, I was lead designer. I created all of the brand and advertising assets as well as UI concept art, the 3D wristband prototype model, and an animated concept video which can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3lj0zWEVzE

Freelance, Full-time
Charlie Benson
Film and Television Production BFA at The University of Southern... Los Angeles, CA