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Visual Family - Family of cats with character of a coconut tree.
Fractals exploration - 2D composition
Children's theme
Key motif: Rocking horse
Storytrail Event Poster - A3 sized sample poster for Storytrails titled Bazaartrails a heritage walk themed on Chennai's colonial bazaars and streets. Storytrails is a firm involved in conducting walks, talks, workshops by way of storytelling for various age groups and organisations. XYZ is a hypothetical corporation inviting its employees to the historic trail.
2 D Pattern - Exploring tessellations
Theme: Animals - Land - Water: Dog, 2 Cats, Donkey, Seal, Whale and Dolphin
Poster colours - Pointillism
PatternsRangoli Pattern 2 - Rangoli Design 2: Urdhvam: Design Degree Show 2011
Pen and Ink Axonometric - A view to the room
Pen, Brush and Ink - Experiencing rigidity in fluidity and fluidity in rigidity.
Leaf Abstraction
Rangoli Pattern 1 - Rangoli Design for Urdhvam: Design degree Show 2011
Pen and Ink
Book sculpture
Collage - Ideogrammatic Collage
Life size collage
Water colour
Foreshortenning, water colour
Madhubani workshop, 2000
Water colour
Linoleum print
Clay - head
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Arts and Graphics

These are samples from various academic graphic exercises.

Chitra Chandrashekhar
Architect/ Visual Communicator Chennai, India