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Exploring and creating visual identity for annual design degree show 2011.
Theme: Eka: One-ness/ unity/ homogenous
Execution: Abstract/ floral/ geometric, almost arabesque pattern that uses devanagri one numeral in the logo mark and in the title case of the event name.
Portfolio Cover using Initials of my name in Times New Roman Typeface.
Studio Kalart is a design house start-up is headed by a mother-daughter duo. It has been founded by Designer Arathi Rajagopalan and Partnered by Kalavathi Rajagopalan in Chennai.
Theme: Highlighting 'Ka' in mother tongue Tamil and fused into latin K as it comes from the name: Kalavathi. It becomes the signature glyph as it epitomises both native and foreign sensibilities.
Studio Kalart rejected options, they have a very stained glass feel and hence displayed as an exploration
The previous option was further experimented and combined into a pattern that now almost looks like a cast iron window grill.
Yet another exploration, more robust and sturdy.
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Logo Design Explorations

Logo Design Explorations

Chitra Chandrashekhar
Architect/ Visual Communicator Chennai, India