This was the first piece of their branding effort. We tried to determine what was most important for the Program to succeed and where we should begin. I felt that the program needed a consistent look and feel first. The look and feel identified types of imagery to utilize throughout, a standardized logo, a set of templates for each product and finally a set of guidelines for each product manager to reference.
The guidelines were the second piece to the communications plan. I wrote over 60% of the plan and the entire plan itself wasn't finalized until after a lot of the other collateral was complete, but the guidelines was the important piece.
Identifying how we use, touch and communicate with our target audience. As we brief our audience we typically leave behind more in depth information so a branded folder was important. JPM-Guardian has 4 programs that it manages, so it was important for me to develop something that was not only unique, but flexible for each program. I decided on a die-cut folder which each program could print an image to show through and customize it to the audience or product their referencing.
I provided the creative direction, design and coordinated printing through our GPO for the 40' length of wall. It was important for me to design something that was aesthetically pleasing, brand focused and flexible. It consisted of a background mural built utilizing pieces from the corporate brand, such as the camo pattern, colors, and images. Then it was broken up into individual sections: personal achievement, the command and our products.

All the sections were created so they could be updated; some more easily than others, but even the background wallpaper is re-positionable. The images are all under 11x17 and can be re-printed and re-mounted in-house saving time and money for the program. Additionally, the products and missions are all mounted on stand-offs and can be replaced, or repositioned if a mission or product changes.
Branding Campaign: U.S. Army

This project entailed a complete re-brand of the Programs image as well as a communications plan and strategy of how JPM-Guardian executives can continue to touch their target audience.

Chris Businsky
Creative Director / Communications Manager Bel Air, MD