CreditXpert Event Branding – This was a special interest project for CreditXpert and one of their most important events they hosted each year and included an HTML Email design, branded for CreditXpert's annual conference they sponsored. For this campaign and event I had the idea to do a Jimmy Buffet inspired theme. I came up with the idea for our participants to take a short boat ride to the venue and be given hawaiian shirts as well as branded schwag. I designed a custom Jimmy Buffet inspired logo created in Adobe Illustrator which incorporated the CreditXpert branding, yet still gave that island feel. We used it for print invites as well as HTML email invites. It was a really tough week of design for me trying to keep the visions of “my toes in the sand” out of my head!
Arcos - Paws on the Patio Email Design - This email was part of the Paws on the Patio integrated campaign. What Made This Design Special: We created a custom HTMl Email for this promotion and what I think makes it special is how the dogs tongue spills over into the email. It really adds that playful appeal that specifically relates to the target market the restaurant was trying to capture.
CreditXpert Branding Collateral
Eastern Elite Allstars - Email Design - HTML Email template utilizing MailChimp email service. The design echoed their branding and campaign tagline, aimed at answering any questions the decision makers might have about joining. What Made This Design Special: I learned that by using a screen shot of a video in the email, it sort of tricked the viewer into clicking the image. By using google analytics we saw that emails with the video links obtained a 27% higher click-rate verses ones with just pictures.
Email Design
Chris Businsky
Creative Director / Communications Manager Bel Air, MD