This Infographic for the Department of Energy accompanied the final version of their newsletter and was used to draw more attention to their contract ending accomplishments. For this graphic I did all the research to identify what statistics viewers felt were most important. This meant identifying the content, designing a few preliminary options and finally testing those options with each of 3 focus groups to see which layout identified best with the groups. For the design I utilized the logo to brand the graphic utilizing the same colors and "pie chart" look of the logo brand the graphic and lead screen. The layout was set up for 1024x768 so that each section fits within the most widely used screen resolution, which 80% of the time is still 1024x768. As the user scrolls the graphic online each section will display nicely within their monitor.
This was a re-design of an infographic for the Department of Veterans affairs. I used a combination of color, varying point size as well as the size of graphical elements and also lines to to help lead the viewers eye around the page. I felt that for this infographic there needed to be a strong visual above the fold of the monitor that helped the viewer relate to the information I was trying to convey. This was designed so that it could be formatted online as an HTML graphic or as a downloadable PDF file. The PDF file would be optimized for standard print sizes and broken up into pages to make it easier to print. This could be accomplished easily by using the same inDesign file without having to create a new print layout.
PowerPoint Infographic for JPM-Guardian to portray our systems and accomplishments within the Continental U.S. and Oversees.
Information Graphic for the Government Accountability Office.
Chris Businsky
Creative Director / Communications Manager Bel Air, MD