Battelle - Display & Promotional Materials Design - Campaign design for a conference. Top design was a 10x10 display with the right side being a backlite panel, which really made the content stand out. Bottom design was a flyer and post card design.
Battelle - Display Design - Display Mural for a table-top display utilized in conjunction with a larger booth. Simple design used to promote a new product, utilizing our corporate branding.
10' x 10' trade show booth design for U.S. Army. This display was part of a larger branding and communications effort.
For JPM-Guardians command wall I provided the creative direction and design for the 40' length of wall and wanted to design something that was aesthetically pleasing, brand focused and flexible. The design consisted of a background mural built utilizing pieces from the corporate brand, such as the camo pattern, colors, and images. Then it was broken up into Individual sections: personal achievement, the command and our products. The design again echos the layout of several of their collateral pieces and the images are meant to give the idea that the soldier is thinking about those things and their flowing out of and into him. All the sections were created so they could be updated; some more easily than others, but even the background wallpaper is re-positionable for up to 2 years. The images are all under 11x17 and can be re-printed and re-mounted in-house. The products and missions are all mounted on stand-offs and can be replaced, or repositioned if a mission or product changes.
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Chris Businsky
Creative Director / Communications Manager Bel Air, MD