U.S. Department of Energy - Environmental Management Branding - This project began as a strategic plan for the Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management, but they were so impressed with the direction, they asked me to develop the look as an entire re-brand for the office. It included a branding concept, style guide, newsletters, multimedia presentations and so on. The small project developed into a much larger contract extension which utilized multiple resources for Project Enhancement Corporation.
Baltimore Hispanic Chamber - Event Design - What Made This Design Special: I try to approach every design problem with an unique answer. I took a simple project, and through the interaction between typography and imagery turned it into something different and eye catching.
SRT - Branding - Brochure, Poster, Logo, Website, Twitter Design and Business Card layout What Made This Design Special: I developed the branding / marketing concept, shot the photography and designed the layout for SRT. I really wanted the design to mimic the fast paced, adrenaline pumping speed of the sport. I came up with the layout and color scheme based on the riders gear. Cameron is an amateur rider, but his collateral and branding gives his sponsors the appeal of a world class, professional rider.
Misc. Branded Collateral
Chris Businsky
Creative Director / Communications Manager Bel Air, MD