This was a web project I donated to Harford Sports. Harford Sports sponsors and helps a lot of local youth and recreation organizations and I knew this was something they needed, but couldn't afford. The website was just one piece of their branding puzzle. For the web project I designed and developed the site utilizing the Wordpress content management system. It didn't just entail plugging information into the CMS, but looking at the workflow of the company and determining what users were coming to the site for, then finally developing a new, easy to use menu structure. Google Analytics was also integrated into the site so the customer could continue to tweak the dynamic content for what the users are looking for.
Arcos Restuarant Website - The website was another part of the integrated campaign for Arcos. The menu design drove all the branded collateral. I utilizing the swirls from the menu design to help tie everything together and continue the experience on the website. WHAT WAS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN: I utilized a content management system on the website so that we could keep the cost down and easily add features such as the ability to schedule reservations.
CreditXpert Web Design - Channel approach web design for the new CreditXpert website. This was to be developed using the DotNetNuke content management system.
Eastern Elite Allstars - Website - What Made This Design Special: This web design was part of an integrated campaign which included Web, Print, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. There was no budget for this startup company, so every was done pro bono. I came up with the idea of "Be a Part of Something Special." What was special? To me, the coaches and the girls were what was special and an important part of the buying decision for parents. They were what I felt would draw attention and bring in new members.
Eastern Elite Allstars - Landing Page - What Made This Design Special: Landing page design which, based off a YouTube marketing campaign I came up with. The client didn't have ANY money for extravagant commercials, so everything was centered around Social Media and driving traffic to the website. I shot all the video and created all the questions which allowed the prospective parents and girls to hear first hand "Just What Makes Eastern Elite Special" helped them obtain a 35% growth the first year and 45% growth the second year.
Web Design
Chris Businsky
Creative Director / Communications Manager Bel Air, MD