C.L.U.B.B. (working title) is a card game where players race to assemble a giant robot that can beat up everybody else's giant robots. Currently I'm wrapping up Alpha testing, and looking into printing options and a possible Kickstarter campaign while I get all of the artwork done. Beta testing to a wider audience using near-final/final cards produced by a print-on-demand service will come next.
C.L.U.B.B. started messy--using note cards, stick figures, and lots of on-the-fly tweaking.
Players can choose from a wide range of bots, each with different perks and strategies. Balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each has been a delicate process--some good bots died on the cutting room floor.
I chose to go with an "enhanced hand-drawn" look for the art direction -- the main artwork for each card is a marker sketch, and the backgrounds/special effects are added digitally.
Project ongoing -- lots more to come!
(Board Game) - Comically Large and Unruly Bot Battles (C.L.U.B.B.)

[Project Ongoing -- Work in progress!]

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Chris Corrigan
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