Primarily used in Calibration Labs and testing facilities, the 6270A can be mounted to a rack, placed on a bench-top, or operated remotely via computer.
The unique feature of the 6270A is the quick-change, modular sensors. The mechanical engineer and I were able to design a system that used a combination of geometry and torque-limited thumb screws to align and secure the modules under pressure, all with no tools required.
This modular "a la carte" approach allows users to customize the effective range of their device to their exact needs, choosing from a wide range of available sensors.
The other key advantage of the modular system is that it allows service and repairs to occur at the sensor level, not at the calibrator level. Routine maintenance or unexpected problems no longer require taking an entire work station (and possibly assembly line) offline; the sensor can be swapped for an alternate and work can continue.
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I'm...vaguely...aware what the green thing does, but it seems pretty cool!
Fluke - 6270A Pressure Controller/Calibrator

The 6270A is a high precision modular pressure controller/calibrator -- that is, it measures and manipulates air pressure within a system to an extremely fine degree.

Devices like this are used to calibrate and service a wide range of gauges and sensors used in numerous industries, and are sometimes even used as laboratory equipment for their own capabilities.

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Chris Corrigan
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