Above: One of my key roles in this project was adapting the "family" design language I'd developed for other new PLS products to the much larger rotary-laser format. Here, I'm breaking down the core elements as part of a bigger strategic report (sadly not available for public consumption).
Above & below: Excerpts of a competitive analysis done by myself and the User Interaction team. We cross-referenced objective data (i.e., specified accuracy) with qualitative feedback from customers to identify how different rotary lasers compared in different areas, including the existing PLS products.

What we found was that the PLS was actually "winning" in several areas -- compact size and number of features -- but that those advantages were mismatched with how customers were using their tools.
PLS H2/HV2 Laser Level Family

A new generation of rotary laser levels for Pacific Laser Systems, a Fluke Company.

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Chris Corrigan
Industrial Designer - Fluke Corp // Founder - Warcry WODtech Seattle, WA