The "Love Handles" series of grip-training products. Grip strength is important to athletes; it is a common first failure point in many exercises (makes sense--your fingers aren't as strong as your legs, right?) and can result in training plateaus.
The Love Handles were recently reviewed by Breaking Muscle here: And they were part of WODfest 2014's featured Hill Climb event in Gas Works Park, Seattle.
For 2015, I have revised our popular Double Wall Ball Target design, and added a smaller single target to the family.
These targets have been designed to easily mount to a variety of common gym arrangements, including upright and cross-beams of weightlifting rigs.
I added the new single targets below as an economical option for individual athletes, and for coaches that wanted to add a number of new stations to their setup without spending a lot of money. The smaller footprint further increases the challenge and drills accuracy, as well.
"Gun Racks" are a popular method of storing barbells. I have designed three versions that include several market-unique features.
The GR-1 is a completely new approach that we're calling a "barbell hook." I designed it as a cheap. flexible option for customers with a tight budget or a lack of wall space. Great for turning tight corners and obstructions like columns and pillars into a useful feature.
I designed all of our Gun Racks to mount to common weightlifting rigs as well as walls, for customers who are reluctant or unable to put additional holes in their structure (common for renters and "garage gyms").
Designed with the "garage gym" customer in mind, the GR-3 below also features a utility hook for hanging jump ropes, elastic bands, chains, and the other miscellaneous accessories common in a gym environment.
The GR-7, below, is the "big daddy" of the lineup, geared towards larger gyms.
A minor but important ergonomic fix--it's amazing how much an unnatural movement pattern gets amplified when it's being played out with a 45lbs steel bar.
A simple but desired product, "axle bars" are essentially extra-thick barbell made out of steel pipe. Most gyms will keep a handful of "specialty bars" like this on hand for training particular movements. Obviously, I made sure Warcry's Gun Racks were designed to accommodate these as well as regular bars.
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