Poster design for the U.S. Army
I did some re-branding for this U.S. Army brigade, “Devil Brigade.” They are the oldest and first brigade in the Army. I put in 5 soldiers from 5 different wars, going back to WWI. This was FUN! The "back" tank is also from WWI.
U.S. Army poster - 311th Signal Command pretty much controls the Pacific region coms for the Army. I designed the poster to be a bit existential, in an attempt to portray this group being a part of a larger global network of high-tech communications. Photoshop, 3DSMax, wacom tablet - 30 hours.
Poster design for the U.S. Coast Guard.
Under way. - Poster for U.S. Navy. I had ZERO direction from the client. Mission: Create a poster to represent the Navy. Within seconds, I knew dolphins had to be in it. They amazing creatures bow ride these massive vessels, and sailors love to see them whilst underway. I threw in Naval aircraft as well, as the Navy is not only about the water, they rule the skies as well.
Lockheed Martin promotion.
Recon - U.S. Army
Virginia Wesleyan
The Norva
Past Generations - Commission for the U.S. Army
Lockheed Martin promotion.
Fast Attack
MAV 6 - I was provided a wire mesh for this “virtual” tactical blimp. My mission: Put this in the sky and make it look real.
US Army
Lawson Hall
U.S. Navy SEAL poster - Image for the UDT SEAL store.
Chris Gallagher
Design for Camp David - Maybe POTUS is wearing this.
Logo design for Apollo Airlift.
I designed this shirt for a U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter outfit out of Hawaii. This design makes me wanna drink beer, with a huge umbrella sticking out of my ice cold mug.
New concept art for a great company in D.C. I've been working with for a few years. This was just a complete blast to work on. I personally find low Earth orbit views to be the most awe inspiring ways to see this planet. Created in Maya, Photoshop, and After Effects.
Navy SEAL and founder of the non-profit Wounded, approached me to do branding for a new division, Team Wounded Wear. This was ultimately the launching poster for this new and awesome fitness challenge division for a great cause.
Digital Illustration I did for the Army’s 43rd Sustainment Brigade's recruiting poster. Their mascot is a bison, and they wanted him front and center. Their nickname is the “Rough Riders.”
U.S. Army commission. Think future tech, future soldiers, and a kick-ass action movie. 3DS Max, Photoshop.
Concept Art
Digital Illustration
Chris Gallagher
Artist/ Designer Virginia Beach, VA