Concept for resupply vessel. Docking hatch and extendable solar arrays.
Boat concept sketches. Consoles, windscreens, and seating.
Simplified walkie-talkie with integrated carabiner clip
Bedside wireless charging alarm clock/tray
Advanced quick space vessel conceptualization.
Central habitat with centrifugal forces. Exterior frame with solar panes and heat radiators. Wacom INKLING, no edits
Solar sailing Space vessel. Quick sketch with Wacom Inkling, no editing.
Solar turbine space craft. Turbine acts like solar sails, turning habitat modules in opposite directions. Central hope captures rotation into extra electricity generation.
CSM and Capsule - An Apollo era style Capsule and CSM.
Sketches - Sketches of consoles, pens, and outdoor furniture.

Quick pen/maker drawings. All un-retouched scans of original artwork.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Chris James
Lead Industrial Designer Phoenix, AZ