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Abstracting Dali's Manhood - This is an acrylic piece that uses wild stroke to create emotion and power in an abstract approach. I've never considered myself to be much of a painter but I do enjoy participating in it when I can. It's fun, lively, difficult, and rewarding when finished.
Self Portrait - This is a piece created with graphite and colored pencil. This piece was actually done while I was still attending college for a Psychology class. I'm not much doing self portraits but when I began this piece I was determined to capture what I believe to be the essence of my mind, the turmoil of my thoughts, and the passion for my observations and the surreal. I am extremely pleased with the results.
Pregnant Woman - This is a graphite piece created to show my respect for the beauty and strength of a woman. To show a woman in the nude while visibly pregnant struck me as exemplifying the quintessential spirit of a woman and the miracle and splendor of life.
I Smell Sound - This is a graphite piece created in a surreal style. The concept was to combine the mouth, nose, and ear into one whole image while maintaining the integrity of each part and its individual importance.
Surreal Hug - This an ink piece created in a surreal style. The concept was to pull the viewer throughout the piece not only up, down, left, and right but in and out as well. Perspective was used to create a sense of depth. The hug consist of two people combined into one to represent the loving embrace between two people that care for each other.
A Quiet View - This is an acrylic painting done of the planet Earth. Its purpose what to invoke a sense of peace and tranquility as well as leave the viewer feeling humbled.
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Mixed Media & Illustration
Christopher Haag
Graphic Designer York, PA