First poly model and render in Blender. My original goal was to learn Cycles, an unbiased rendering software built into Blender, to use for more advance renderings. And out of necessity I learned basic poly modeling in order to set up my backdrop, lighting and camera for the shot. More to come :)
Solidworks / Keyshot / Photoshop - 1 hr
Solidworks / Keyshot / photoshop - 3 hrs
Solidworks / Keyshot
Solidworks / Keyshot
Soliworks / Keyshot
Solidworks / Keyshot
Solidworks / Keyshot
Solidworks / Hypershot

Saddle: JammonDesign
AliasStudio 2009 / Hypershot
3D Models & Renders

CAD Models and renders I have done over the years, And most recently poly modeling.

Corry Blackburn
Industrial Designer at Objex Design St. Louis, MO