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Parti - This is a visual representation of the feelings that I wanted to come across in the space when Audiences interact with the space.
Our Understanding - A list of the things that the client and I covered in the first meeting to make sure the task was understood correctly
Main Display
Removable Shelves of Main Display
Reorientation of Main Display
2 Main Displays Stacked
Secondary Display
Secondary Display Reaching New Heights - Extending the height of the display for hanging chairs or pictures
Connection of Two Secondary Displays - Connecting two displays to be able to maximize space usage
Reorientation of Secondary Display
Possible Audiances
Audience Traffic Flows
10x10 Layout Concept
10x20 Layout Concept
10x20 Rendering
Who New Trade Show Concepts

This project introduced designs of displays and layouts to be used at trade shows. The idea was to create displays that are versatile so that as product is sold the displays could be rearranged making the space seem never to be empty. These displays also needed to be able to be broken down easily for transport.

Craig Kibbe
Grad Student of Architecture Fort Collins, CO