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Painted part of the backdrop for the photo-booth and provided spec sheet to set up the characters cutout, base and backdrop.
Provided spec sheet to set up the characters cutout, base and backdrop.
Brochure Holder / Graphic display -Publix
Brochure Holder / Graphic display and Counter top -Publix , Atlanta GA
Majestic Star Casino - Chicago - Design of nine different components for the casino.
Majestic Star Casino - Chicago
Table Top Display
Interior and Furniture Design - DIGINET - Bogota, Colombia - Project: Interior and Furniture Design for DIGINET, Bogotá, Colombia 1999
Description: The use of general indirect light on the curve ceiling gives a sense of a taller space and adds a warm contrast with the information desk area, where blue it’s predominant.
The intensity of the lighting at the information desk area, is stronger and can be directed at specific places, according to the user’s preferences.
The lighting treatment in the waiting room, has a lower intensity of indirect light.
The logo is lighten from behind reflecting on the surrounding blue from the wall to empower the brand name without losing coherence with the environment.
The Information desk, chairs, and table are unified for elements like color, materials, and textures relating with the brand logo of the company.
The main purpose is to communicate concepts like lightness and speed of communications, reflecting these on the furniture design by the use of dynamic curves, visually clean and light surfaces, and the harmonic contrast of materials.
Gourmet Garden - Tradeshow Booth Components
Gourmet Garden - Tradeshow Booth Components
POP - BellSouth, Ecuador - Center Right: Booth for BellSouth, Ecuador 1999.
Description: 10’ X 10’ booth area with graphic information, storage, product display space, counters, and workspace surfaces.

Left:Portable exhibits with educational posters and brodechures holders for The Botanical Garden, Bogota Colombia 1999

Product Display and storage Unit
Counter Top, product display and storage
Booth Design
Custom Display - Volkswagen
Floating AdBox - Walmart - This three faced AdBox adapts to any column or pole regardless it's size and shape.
The final result is an attractive and very funtional advertising display.
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Exhibits and Product Display
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Cristina Ables
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