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Olaf binoculars design for the ongoing Disney On Ice show.
Lighted telescope for Circus with bluetooth capability that activates the toy during specific scenes at the show.
Marvel Universe stain for shaved ice desert. I design the stain, including the art layout.
Marvel Universe Live - Snow Mug Concepts - Preliminary Sketches. I started with hand sketches then refined them in photoshop using a Wacom / Cintiq.
Lighted top concept for the Disney On Ice Frozen show.
Pull back spinner light concept for Disney On Ice.
Packaging and dog tags design for the Marvel Universe Live show. The solution was to use a double side blister surrounded by a 4CP printed cardboard package to better display all the sides of the dog tags.
Plush Thor Hammer for the Marvel Universe Live show.
Topper, sticker and handle coloration design. Several topper (Olaf's figurine) poses were proposed to finally go with a fun interpretation of the character being at the beach.
Pull back Captain America biker for the Marvel Universe Live show. I designed the paint ops on existing toy.
Packaging and bracelet design. The idea was to design an effective solution that resembled a comic book being opened and revealing the bracelet. The presentation of the final product was aiming for a higher perceived value.
Define coloration and figurine for existent expandable lighted sword.
Thor foam hat.
Designed photo frame layout, including cutouts.
Conceptual futuristic vehicle and environment design.
Product Design Concept - Carnation Debudder - Project: Carnation Debudder
Description: The manual process of "debudding" (removing all developing flower buds except the terminal one) allows only one large Carnation to develop per stem. (Fig. A. B. C.)
This tool removes and collects Carnation buds avoiding the stress caused on hands after intense hours of manual labor (Fig. D.)
Lighted top conceptual design.
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Product Design

Software used: 3D Max, Maya, Keyshot 5, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch Up.
Other skills: hand sketching and refined sketches using a Wacom Cintiq and photoshop.

Freelance, Full-time
Cristina Ables
Industrial Designer Tampa, FL